Greetings I

We usually greet people with “hi” or “hello“. “Hi” is a bit more casual.



How are you?

How’s it going?

I’m fine, thanks.

What’s your name?

When someone asks “What’s your name?” we can reply in two ways:

My name’s Alex.

I’m Alex.


Bye” is the short form of “goodbye“.

You will hear “bye” more often in everyday conversation.

Now you’ll see a dialogue between two English speakers, Ed and Sara.

Ed: Hi! What’s your name?

Sara: Hello. I’m Sara, and you?

Ed: My name’s Ed. How are you?

Sara: I’m fine, thanks!

How’s it going?

How’s it going?” has a similar meaning to “how are you?

We usually use “how’s it going?” with friends.

I’m good, thanks.

I’m great, thanks!

Not bad, thanks.

Many people say “not bad” to mean “quite good“.

Now listen carefully to this video. Here you are going to learn different ways to say hello and goodbye. Make notes of the other phrases and sentences. Pay special attention to pronunciation.

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