How do you like this weather?

The weather has changed, temperatures have dropped and that’s all we’ve been talking about, using the vocabulary we’ve already learned here.

While living in the US, I was frequently asked:

“How do you like the US?”,
“How do you like the food here?”

“How do you like the weather?”

Possible answers to this last question include:
“It’s fine.”
“I wish it would stop raining.”
“I prefer it warmer.”

I’ll just let go!!

Let it go

Yesterday I published a post on Facebook which at some point said: “I’ll just let go…”

“Let go” in this context means to accept that you cannot change something and stop thinking or worrying about it.

Sometimes you just have to learn to let go.

If someone says or does something that you think is annoying or stupid and you let it go, you do not react to it or say anything about it. You just forget or not care about it.

OK, I’ll let it go this time.
You need to let the past go and forgive those who have hurt you.