Linking words: exercises

Linking words, connecting words or conjunctions, connect words, phrases and clauses.

Take a look at my page on linking words, then try the quiz below!

1. I go to the gym to keep fit __ meet my friends.

  •  and
  •  or

2. At the gym I usually either lift weights __ use the treadmill.

  •  and
  •  or

3. My doctor told me I needed to lose weight __ I went on a diet.

  •  because
  •  so

4. __ there are no parks near my house, I decided to join the gym.

  •  As
  •  While

5. I like the gym __ the people there are friendly.

  •  because
  •  so

6. The gym is cheap __ it’s often crowded.

  •  but
  •  when

7. So I like to go in the morning __ there aren’t many people.

  •  when
  •  where

8. __ I go three times a week, I can get a discount.

  •  Although
  •  If

9. __ I only go three times a week, some people go five times a week.

  •  When
  •  While

10. __ I still eat the same amount, I’m losing weight.

  •  Although
  •  But

Okay! What about sharing your answers with me? ūüėČ

Subject and object pronouns: exercises

Vimos os Subject pronouns, pronomes que estão no lugar de um substantivo, sujeito da sentença, e os Object pronouns, pronomes que estão no lugar do objeto. Veja esse vídeo para relembrar:

Agora vamos praticar!

Complete the sentences below with the appropriate pronouns:

1. ______ watched a movie with ______ at the mall.

(Nós assisitimos um filme com eles no shopping).

2. ______ are very late.

(Você está muito atrasada.)

3. ______ is an English teacher.

(Ele é professor de inglês.)

4. Jane was looking at ______.

(A Jane estava olhando para ele.)

5. ______ lives in an apartment.

(Ela mora num apartamento.)

6. ______ have to study for the test tonight.

(Nós temos que estudar para a prova hoje à noite.)

7. ______ guys need to do your homework.

(Vocês precisam fazer sua tarefa.)

8. ______ like to have chicken for lunch.

(Eles gostam de comer frango no almoço.)

9. ______ talked to ______ yesterday.

(Ela conversou com ele ontem.)

10. ______ work downtown.

(Eu trabalho no centro.)

11. ______ wants to work with ______.

(Ele quer trabalhar com ela.)

12. ______ didn’t say anything about ______.

(Eles não disseram nada sobre nós.)

13. ______ had dinner with ______.

(Eu jantei com eles.)

14. William will go to the party with ______.

(O William vai à festa conosco.)

15. ______ forgot to do ______.

(Eu me esqueci de fazê-la (a tarefa).)

Check your answers: 1. We/them, 2. You, 3. He, 4. him, 5. She, 6. We, 7. You, 8. They, 9. she/him, 10. I, 11. He/her, 12. They/us, 13. I/them, 14. us, 15. I/ it

Exercises: comparatives and superlatives

We’ve just recycled comparatives and¬†superlatives.¬†Now let‚Äôs practice!

Comparatives and Superlatives

Look at the chart and choose the correct answer:

1. I’m  taller than / the tallest  my sister.

2. He is  the younger than / the youngest  student in his class.

3. The cat is  older than/ the oldest  the dog.

4. The blue T-shirt is  more expensive than / the most expensive  the black blouse.

5. My aunt is  shorter than / the shortest  in her family.

6. I like pizza, but Chinese food is  better / the best.

7. Her drink is  colder than / the coldest   of all the drinks.

8. My brother is  smarter / the smartest  student in his class.

9. This book is  more expensive than / the most expensive  that book over there.

10. His sister is  better than / the best  tennis player on her school.

Now I wish you the best weekend ever!!

Exercises: another, other, others

Vimos como usar another, other and others, que são facilmente confundidos, aqui e aqui.  Vamos praticar?


Complete the sentences below with other, another and others.

1. I have ____________ questions to ask.
2. Don’t worry. Tomorrow is ____________ day.
3. Can I take a look at the _________ ones?
4. He likes the ____________ girl.
5. His behavior changed from one day to ____________.
6. Some lessons are harder than ____________.
7. Give me ________ 10 minutes, please.
8. Some people love horror movies. ____________people hate scary things.
9. I’m busy now, but how about the ____________week?
10. Some boys like videogames. ____________ prefer to play soccer.

Answer Key:

5-another/the other

E aí, acertaram todas as frases?

That’s all for now folks!

Exercício: Descrevendo Pessoas

Nessa semana, aprendemos a fazer perguntas sobre a¬†apar√™ncia¬†e¬†personalidade.¬†No post de hoje vamos colocar esse conte√ļdo em pr√°tica.

Releia os posts: What is she like? What does she look like? e Descrevendo pessoas.

Now, match the questions to the correct answers.


1) What does Joanna look like?

2) What do your cousins look like?

3) What does Carlos look like?

4) What is Wendy like?

5) What is your father like?

6) What are your brothers like?


a) She is very gentle, kind and patient.

b) He is calm but very playful.

c) She is tall, thin and has black hair.

d) He is very short, thin and he has blue eyes.

e) They are very boring.

f) They are very tall and they have long hair.

Confiram suas respostas: 1-c / 2-f / 3-d / 4-a / 5-b / 6-e

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