Habits for Highly Effective Language Learners

Write down your small, measurable monthly goal.                                                                         

Prepare a deadline.                                             

Create a routine.                                             

Prepare lines and conversations ahead of time.                                           

Long study hours will burn you out and result in failure.                                             

Come back and review.                                             

Look for solutions.                                             

Focus on what you are good at.                                             

Do not procrastinate.                                             

Remember that learning a language is a marathon and not a sprint.                                             

Don’t cram.                                             

 Have fun.

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How Do You Motivate Yourself When Learning a Language?

Read some statements about it and find the one that best describes you!
I watch movies and TV shows and enjoy the feeling when I can understand a word or a sentence.
I imagine that one day I will visit or live in that country!
Being in places where people speak the language is great motivation.
I make friends with people who speak that language.
Imagine that you could speak to everyone in the world. You would have freedom to go anywhere, do anything, meet anyone! It’s a great motivator.
I like to find funny words in the language I am learning!
Listening to songs in the language encourages me to work to understand them!
I try to read books, newspapers and websites in that language. It makes it seem more real!
I study other aspects of the culture too, which makes it more rewarding to study the language.
I change the ways I study frequently so it doesn’t get boring!
Talking with native speakers of the language is great practice and motivation!
I always set a concrete language goal for the future. Achievable goals are a great motivator!
Make learning fun! If you are bored by what you are doing, find another way to do it!
Watch YouTube videos of other people who have successfully learned the language. This will really inspire you to study!
I enjoy using the language to order at restaurants from the countries I am learning about!
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How to improve your speaking skills

Learn words through phrases.
Watch your favorite video with subtitles.
Think in English.
Use available learning applications.
Expand your vocabulary by reading.
Talk to yourself.
Listen to recordings and repeat.
Prepare for daily routine situations.
Try to practice your speaking with a native speaker.
Know your audience.
Ask for feedback and reflect on it.
Keep practicing regularly, otherwise your hard work will be wasted.

Don’t give up and stay positive!

Time, exposure, practice and consistent correction!!


Hi everyone! It’s time to warm up your brain for the new  school year! Let’s design our strategies to make the most of it:

  1. maximize expose to the language
  2. first try to extract meaning from the context, then look up in the dictionary
  3. observe how words connect to each other
  4. listen, repeat and use!

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