Food for thought

food for thought

something that makes you think a lot about a particular subject

something that should be considered carefully

The video below will give you a lot of food for thought.

Case with Everyday Masters made the video with his daughters. Two oversouls have a conversation about going to earth, the craziest experience they have ever had.

“This short story describes what I believe is happening on the planet. The Frequencies mentioned in the video are real, and they are speeding up the awakening of everyone that attunes to them.” Case

His daughters’ speech is clear, so it’s a good listening practice with lots of useful vocabulary. Listen carefully to pronunciation. Look up the words you don’t know. Notice how words are combined and take notes.

So, did the video give you food for thought?

give sb food for thought

to make someone think seriously about something

I’m just a normal guy who spent most of his life searching for answers to the big questions in life.  In my search for “truth”, I started to realize just how powerful we truly are.  I started to understand how we are creating our life and why this knowledge had to be kept from us because if we ever remembered who we were, we could and would change the world in an instant.  Case (full text at

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