At the doctor’s office

If you don’t look well – you should see a doctor / go to your doctor. And for that, you may need to make an appointment with your doctor.

The two expressions see a doctor and go to the doctor can be used to indicate a need to consult a doctor, that is, to obtain medical advice and any necessary treatment.

We started with the most common health problems, ways to ask about someone’s health, and typical responses.

Now let’s look at a simple conversation between doctor and patient. This is an interactive listening and speaking practice. Please listen and then repeat after Mark. Have fun learning to talk with a doctor and speak English now.

How are you feeling today?

Not very well, Doctor.

Tell me about it.

Well, I have a terrible headache.

How about your throat?

It hurts a little.

Do you have a cough?

Yes, I have a cough, too.

Do you feel weak?

Yes, I get tired very quickly.

Let’s take your temperature.

Your temperature is 39.1 degrees Celsius.

You have a fever.

It seems the you have the flu.

Oh, that’s terrible.

Don’t worry.

Take this medicine and rest.

OK. I understand.

Please come back next week for a checkup.

I will.

Thank you Doctor.

Find a few more useful sentences below. Listen carefully and write them down.

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