Prepositions of place: IN, ON and AT

Prepositions are words that show things like:

TIME = at 2:00 o’clock

PLACE = in Moscow

DIRECTION = near the airport

First, let’s learn a few basic prepositions of place.

PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE show where something/someone is.

Here is a list of basic prepositions of place with example sentences:

  • The ball is on the box.
  • The ball is in the box.
  • The ball is near the box.
  • The ball is between the boxes.
  • The ball is above the box.
  • The ball is in front of the box.
  • The ball is behind the box.
  • The ball is next to the box.
  • The ball is under the box.

The video below is at a beginner level. Start by watching it if you need to review the prepositions of place.

IN = inside something

ON = just above something, but touching it

AT = an exact location or point

PRACTICE: Complete the sentences with in, on or at, and find the answers at the end of the lesson.

1. The dog is _____ London.

2. My friend is _____ the cinema.

3. The man is _____ the island.

4. The students are _____ school.

5. The teacher isn’t _____ the classroom.

6. My black bag is _____ the desk.

7. The cat is _____ the chair.

8. The boy is _____ the English class.

9. My uncle is _____ Scotland.

10. My dad is _____ work.

Now, look at the pictures in the video. Where is the ball? Choose the best preposition of place for each question.

We usually use IN with towns, cities, and countries, ON with streets, and AT with streets + number.

This was my student’s practice:

Hi Andrea,
I live in Brazil.✔️
I live in Blumenau.✔️
I live in the Salto do Norte neighborhood.✔️
I live on Luiz Wilhelm Street.✔️
I live at 47 Luiz Wilhelm street.✔
Salto do Norte is near to (❌sem o to) the Itoupava Norte neighborhood.
Salto do Norte is far from Ponta aguda.✔️
My house is next to my job.✔️

Good job Evair!?????????

ANSWERS: in 2. at 3. on 4. at 5. in 6. on 7. on 8. in 9. in 10. at

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